Music Composer

Creating music for movies is not easy as it seems to many out there. One has to understand the story, the background of the ideology that created the movie, director’s perception and imagination, the kind of raw emotion that will be shown on the screen with the music playing at the back. After all this, the movie composers are able to create something which is out of this world yet seem to be made or created just for that moment in the movie.

Anything else apart from that movie score might not able to do justice with the visuals shown on the screen the way that movie score is doing. All this is possible only with the hard work of the movie score composer who knows everything about music, equipments, technology and styles required for music creation. Kivanc Kilicer, a USA rocker and music composer has been serving in this industry for a very long time.

After launching several of his albums, giving vocals to them and creating lyrics, along with composing the tunes of all the songs, performing in front of live audiences, the artist ventured into the world of music composition, giving music to various games, movies, and trailers.

The artist owns a home studio after learning on VSTs and DAWs to unravel the world of music compositions. He knows how to touch the mind and soul of the audience by choosing the right notes and beats, hitting the apt chord for creating that sensation. Action, horror and suspense are his favourite genre when it comes to creating music, but the artist is experienced enough to create scores for various other genre as well.

His love for experimenting with various sounds and techniques creating emotions via notes and chord is clearly visible in the work he has done in past.

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