First Element album produced by Kivanc Kilicer, Tufan Yagmurdereli, Cem Gurel, Ismail Kilimci and Onur Eltutmaz. The sound of the album was 80's rock with a modern infrastructure. With the success of the first album, Element was chosen as the opening band for the Scorpions Istanbul concert in 2008. (see photos section)



    Produced in Studio FM, Karinca marked a hallmark moment in band's history. With this album, Element graduated to a new level by integrating technical and symphonic instruments in their song arrangements. Kivanc was also set to a duet with Begum Tarako on "iki huzun", written by Gursu Erden.



    "This EP is what I've been trying to do all along. I got close to it before, but this is the first time where I was really able to just go for it and take it to the next level." Gravity harbours many of the similar feelings shared by all of us: A special awakening moment in our short lives. When listened concurrently, the tracks will form a self-motivating energy which may take you higher off the ground.







GRAVITY - 2016

GRAVITY - 2016

KARINCA - 2010-2011

KARINCA - 2010-2011

CEHENNEM - 2007-2008


  • 2007 – Lead vocalist of Element on the Cehennem album. Extras: All lyrics for 8 songs including the title song were written and composed by Kivanc
  • 2008 – Performed at Park Orman, as the only opening band for the legendary Scorpions in their Humanity tour
  • 2009 – Composed “Neden” as a soundtrack for a local movie project
  • 2010 – Lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Element's 2nd album - The Ant where most of the songs were Kivanc's compositions
  • 2013 - Element was chosen as the sole opening band for Europe's Final Countdown Istanbul Concert

  • Four professional video clips were put on rotation in national channels
  • Numerous gigs in various cities
  • Numerous commercial projects and jingles for premium domestic brands
  • Three film soundtrack compositions
  • Restless Creative Force