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Kivanc Kilicer is one of the film composers well known for orchestral and epic soundtrack compositions with big builds and suspenseful sound. His unique design as a music composer is a combination of cinematic elements and orchestral work harboring rock style rhythms.






Generally film score composers (or movie composers) start with a simple melody and harmonize it with orchestral instruments like horns, strings and percussions. As a movie score and video game music composer, Kivanc Kilicer started his professional music career as the frontman of the hard n' heavy band Element in 2007. He played in several local rock bars and arenas while continued his career as a film composer.

After composing and releasing two studio albums with the band, he focused on his international solo project Gravity, where he found himself exploring various combinations of contrast tunes and blending them with pure hard rock sound. 80s Rock music has always been his passion and he created his multi-instrumentalist spirit into his rock music 2018 compositions.

Every film composer uses VSTs since 2000s. Having a solid experience on VSTs and DAWs, Kivanc created his home studio in 2010, which took him to a new level of non-stop film music creation. He worked through all processes of composing his songs including writing the lyrics, recording the instruments, singing the vocals and doing his own mixes. Strapped down under the genre limitations of local record companies, favouring more traditional pop/rock sound and following different musical expectations of former band members he decided to proceed on his own, as a film score composer and video game music composer.

Creating his solo tracks at an international scale was a new start and a brand new experience for Kivanc. His melodic soundtrack music is mostly appreciated in nordic countries like Finland, Norway and Sweden, like other movie composers. He is currently working on a new film score and a video game, on its way to be launched in June 2019, containing symphonic rock music elements and orchestral harmonies.

As classic film composers of 80s, Kivanc prefers to use real instruments to create orchestral arrangements, instead of using VSTs, film scoring tools to help new generation movie composers.