Video Game Music Composer

Video games are becoming number one source of entertainment. Not just kids, but adults as well love to indulge into gaming sessions whenever they get time. The video gaming industry has been evolving at a great pace so as to attract more and more users all over the world. A true gamer can explain how he loves the unique graphics, and elements added to make a game one of a kind. But not many understand the importance of music in the gaming world!

It is the music that creates the true feels about your game. When you are in the middle of a fight in your favourite game, it is the zesty motivating tones of the music that makes you charge on the enemy, swinging your sword like a true knight. For a fight scene in the city, the music gets you in the mood like you are actually fighting in the real world and not the game. Similarly, for racing games, battle games, sports and quizzes, the music composition creates the environment motivating you to go ahead.

Kivanc Kilicer, one of the popular song composer, lead singer and now a music composer knows how to use his experience and talent as a rock artist for creating unique music composition for the video games. This video game music composer knows how to create an ambience using the notes and chords of music through the finest of equipments.

He is aware of the power of sound that can motivate a player. By choosing the right sounds and elements, he can hit the right emotions in the mind of the gamer. This USA video game music maker has been working in this industry for a long time creating music especially for genre such as Horror, Drama, Suspense and Action, all being part of the gaming industry.

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